Creighton Students Hypnotized for Homecoming


This past Wednesday, Creighton students were put in a trance in the Skutt Ballroom for the 25th year in a row. Songs were sung, evolution of dance was performed and boys were under the impression that they were Miss America contestants–crying and hand-flapping included.

Dr. Jim Wand, professional hypnotic entertainer, defines hypnosis as an altered state of consciousness in the waking state. And that is exactly what I saw when he successfully hypnotized about 20 students at the same time.

Wand was brought to Creighton by CSU Program Board as a part of Homecoming Week. An executive of Program Board, Maxine Holmes, said, “He’s [Wand] always been one of the most popular events of Homecoming week, so we keep inviting him back. We are thrilled that he keeps saying yes!”

Wand says that virtually anybody can be hypnotized. There are only three ways that it couldn’t work. The first is if the person doesn’t want to or is scared of the unknown. He or she can shut out of it and not allow the brain to be put in a trance. The second is if the person doesn’t have a high enough intellect and the third is if the person tries too hard to be hypnotized and focuses too much instead of relaxing.

In order to hypnotize the crowd, a spinning LED light was used as an eye fixation point. Wand told everyone to put their feet flat on the floor and stare at the light for a few minutes while he spoke soothingly. Eventually, the audience was told to close their eyes and pretend their heads and knees were magnets attracted to each other so they could receive full relaxation. When he told them to sit up, he could tell who was fully hypnotized and brought them to the stage.

According to Dr. Wand’s website,, his shows can have a choice between a G, PG, PG-13, or R rating depending on who he is performing for. He kept this show pretty clean, but hilarious all the same. After the students were hypnotized, he made them go to sleep and when they woke up, they realized they were all supermodels. They paraded around the ballroom in style, and the crowd was in hysterics.

Alexi English was in the audience watching, and she remarked, “I was too scared to be hypnotized, but I saw a few of my sorority sisters up on the stage. It was so funny to watch, and i would consider being hypnotized next year!”

Each time Wand wanted the students to do something, he would put them to sleep and tell them exactly what to do, and when he snapped his fingers, they would pop up and do it. in the course of two hours, there were singers, an orchestra, dancers, and zombies all around us. In one segment, Wand made the students pick a celebrity they had a crush on and when they woke up, they could “see” that celebrity and front of them and they got to kiss their crush.

Molly Meek was one of the students on stage who was hypnotized. “It was pretty weird,” she explained. “It’s not like I had no control. I had an idea of what I was doing at the time and I fed off the liveliness of the audience. When I woke up, I had so much energy!”

This is not uncommon, because Dr. Wand explained that one hour of hypnosis was comparable to getting around eight hours of sleep.


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