What’s My Sentence?


If you had to sum yourself up in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

When I first thought of how I could possibly come up with an answer, one thing that came to mind is how to describe the legacy I want to leave behind. If I died tomorrow, what would people say? How would they remember me?

After watching Daniel Pink’s video on “What’s Your Sentence?”, I began thinking of what my sentence could possibly be. My goal in life has been, for as long as I can remember, to be a person worthy of others’ time. I am constantly working towards being a good friend, peer, and student. I want to be someone who lifts people up and makes their lives better. This goal is somewhat daunting, but keeping it in mind helps me to focus on the important things.

The thing about coming up with one sentence to describe your whole life is that your sentence could be changing constantly. This is comforting because even if I have my days that I’m not proud of, I know those actions don’t have to define me.

I read a blog post on Oprah.com about this concept and one sentence stuck out to me: “You don’t have to be flawless each day.” Just ask yourself if you are better today than you were yesterday.

Watching Pink’s video and hearing other people’s sentences, I noticed one thing that held true to them all. Everyone was proud of their sentence.

My sentence should make me happy to be who I am.

I think, after reflecting on this for a few days, I have finally come up with my sentence:

She is kind-hearted and willing to do anything to help the people in her life.Image


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