My Presence on Social Media


Remember the days when you would Google yourself and nothing would show up?

I know that I’m not the only Brittney Allred in the world, but it was almost like I didn’t exist.

sad pug sad, right?

Now, on the first page of Google hits when I search my name, I share my identity with two or three other Brittney Allreds. So, how in the world do I make myself stand out?

I searched myself and immediately my Facebook and Twitter pages showed up as the first two hits. I’m assuming this is because I am on those websites daily. But, the average person I just met or a future employer might have to do some digging to find the right Brittney Allred. When you Google my name, what do you see?

On the Images page, about one in every five pictures are of me.

My mission is to become the most relevant Brittney Allred out there.

I used to think that my social media sites were strictly for entertainment, but as I get older, I am realizing how important they are in developing my personal brand.

If an employer were to find my old Twitter account, he or she wouldn’t see anything vulgar or crude, but on the other hand, he or she wouldn’t see anything professional. My Facebook account is used almost strictly for pictures and keeping in touch with my family. I have always kept my posts clean in order to not offend anyone. But, as I am getting older, now is the time that I start using these sites to promote myself.



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