Productive Procrastination


In Alexis Grant’s blog post, she argues that “wasting time” online is actually not wasting time at all.

As someone who is nearly always online doing something, I would have to agree with her.

Like all good things, moderation is key. Sometimes, I get lost in the internet for hours and feel guilty that I didn’t do anything productive. I’m the type of person, though, that procrastinates to no end because I need to feel pressure to complete a task. This “crunch time” is when I am the most productive and focused, because I have to be.

So, before I get to the point where I absolutely have to buckle down and work, I surf the web. I’m always learning something, whether it be what kind of events went on over the weekend, the happenings of my peers, or just happening to stumble across something interesting.

Usually, I’m on the internet for a longer time than I care to admit. But the thing about our world today is that it is constantly updating and changing, and smartphones and computers make keeping up with it so much easier.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my social media of everything I missed when I was sleeping. I also continue to stay connected throughout the day. Is this a waste of time? Arguably. But, when I use it as a tool for procrastination, it can be viewed as a different type of being productive.



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