Netflix has Taken Over my Life


Okay, I know this isn’t exactly social media related, but hear me out.

Netflix has taken over my life.

If you’re not aware of the phenomenon that is Netflix, it’s a website that you subscribe to and pay around $8 a month and can stream any media that they provide, any time you want. Full details here

It all started when my brother texted me one day last school year asking me to split a subscription with him. I, being a responsible college student, said, “No, I have better things to spend my money on and do while I’m in college. Find someone else.” But, summer rolled around and, when I wasn’t working 40 hour work weeks, I was bored. I somehow convinced him to give me his Netflix password for free, and my life has drastically changed.

I see tweets all the time about shows people are watching on Netflix, how addicted people are, and suggestions of what to binge-watch next. If I didn’t see a Netflix tweet at least once a day, maybe I would have figured out something more productive to do with my remaining 128 hours in the week that summer that I was bored enough to watch the entire series of Gossip Girl. But, I hopped on the bandwagon and now all my free time is devoted to Grey’s Anatomy. If I’ve had a long day, I lay in my bed and watch a few episodes to unwind. If I need a study break, Netflix. There have been a couple of Friday nights that I have convinced myself to stay in and catch up on homework, but end up watching 10 episodes instead, because it’s Friday and I have all weekend to catch up on homework. 

People say that phones, the internet, and social media are hindering us from actually living. Those people must not have Netflix accounts, because Netflix trumps all of the other things. I find myself setting my phone down and not picking it up for hours because I’m in an intense part of a show and can’t peel my eyes away. Me, of all people! Netflix is a life-sucker. One minute you’re innocently opening a new tab on your laptop, and suddenly it’s hours later and you’re hooked on a new show. 

I’m in deep, but I have full confidence that I’m just using Netflix as a coping mechanism. This semester has flown by, and finals are right around the corner. It’s depressing, and I use Netflix to forget. It’s not the smartest idea, but I’m hoping that once I finish the semester and have less responsibilities this summer, I won’t need Netflix for the wrong reasons. 



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