A Look Back


Coming in to the semester, I thought I had social media figured out. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

To me, it was all play. Now, I realize its worth as a tool. There is an app for almost everything nowadays. Businesses can use social media as free advertising and marketing. People use it to connect with others and get their content out there. It’s more than just play–social media is an important part of our world and our future.

As I’m growing up, I realize that soon, I’m going to have to get a real job and be a functioning adult. There isn’t a company out there who won’t try to check out my social media to see what I’m all about before hiring me. This class gave me that perspective and now I am positive that being too stubborn to clean up my social media accounts can be a hazard to my future. This, however, was my only negative realization about social media. My class at Creighton taught me so much that I can take into my future with me to be successful.

I’m hoping to be a person who uses the Web and media to my advantage, and, if everything works out, maybe make a career out of making it work for other people. This class has given me the tools to do that. Phrases like Search Engine Optimization, Return on Investment, and content marketing used to mean nothing to me, but they are now key components to making sure I have a successful online presence. 

Yes, social media can be used for play (I still do that), but everyone should learn to use it professionally, as well. It can open so many new doors and windows to opportunities that wouldn’t have presented themselves otherwise. So have fun with it, but study up! Social media is always changing to fit the needs of its users. 



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