Although I don’t make it quite as known on this blog, I am an active member of the Delta Zeta sorority on Creighton’s campus. This week is Delta Zeta’s National Learn2Listen week, a week during which Delta Zeta chapters make their involvement and dedication to our national philanthropies a focus. A little background on our national philanthropies:

  • Gallaudet University is located in Washington, D.C. and is the only four-year university in the nation dedicated strictly to the speech and hearing impaired, and all money that Delta Zeta raises goes towards funding for technologies and materials used to meet the needs of the individuals that attend the university.
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation is a large, nonprofit corporation dedicated making and providing hearing aids for those who can’t afford them internationally. Headquarters are in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • The Painted Turtle Camp is located in California and is an all-accessible camp for chronically ill children. With an on-site hospital, children who aren’t able to attend summer camp because of their diseases can have a week as a normal child, free of charge.

Since we, as Delta Zeta members, raise a lot of money for hearing impaired, Learn2Listen week is a way for us to try to get our cause more well known to the general public. This year, the Theta Eta chapter at Creighton is trying to use the media to achieve this. We made a video of different DZ sisters doing sign language to the song “Hey Brother” by Avicii and posting it to YouTube so we can share it with friends, family, and members of the Creighton community. Check it out here!!

These national philanthropies are near and dear to the hearts of Delta Zeta, and our chapter has raised over $18,000 for them this year alone. We are so excited to share our passion with the rest of the world via Learn2Listen week!